Are You Average?

I wanted to share this flyer as we head into the busiest shopping season. I know. We don’t want to think about this now. Maybe it’s way better to buy now and fret later. But why?  Not preaching. Just sharing, as right now financially, I’m pretty average.  

Join me on my journey to financial freedom, if you wish.

5 Link Friday: Fave YouTube Videos

  1.  Is your busy lifestyle hindering you from preparing healthy meals? Then subscribe to the Domestic Geek. Here you will find recipes and meal prep tips on everything from smoothies, to salad in a jar and decadent deserts. The host’s upbeat attitude and fun way of preparing meals make this one of my favorite YouTube videos.
  2. is the YouTube channel for Brendon Burchard. Brendon is a life coach and self help guru with an amazing amount of energy and wisdom. With several New York Times bestsellers including, The Motivation Manifesto and The Charge, as well as over 4 million Facebook likes, well if you are not curious — what’s wrong with you? Just kidding. Check it out.
  3. “Spend less than you earn”. I heard this advice for the first time over a decade ago while listening to Anthony Robbins ‘ self help CD set “Get the Edge”. In the YouTube video Tony reviews how to end financial self-sabotage. If you are serious about financial security this video should probably be in your self help library.
  4. In this video, Dr. Mercola interviews Andrew Saul a.k.a. The Megavitamin Man. Saul is a big believer in large doses of vitamins instead of or in conjunction with destructive medications, to treat certain diseases and he has over 30 years of research to support his claim. He has several videos from which you can gather information about vitamins.
  5. Dave Ramsey’s Life, Money, Hope is a series of bible based teachings on handling money and having financial peace. Again if you are seeking financial freedom, you are missing a key piece from your arsenal if you do not watch this entire series. If you are not a believer in the bible, don’t let that deter you from listening. That will definitely be like throwing out the baby with the bath water.

I hope you enjoy this installment of 5 Link Friday. Let me know what you think about this installment, the videos you watch and about this series itself. I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment or question below. Thanks. JRF

Note: There are no affiliate links in this post.

5 Link Friday

This marks the first in a new series: 5 Link Friday.  I will post five links to web pages I’ve been reading and/or that may have been of help to me.  Hope you like it. Enjoy and share if you do. Hope you find them as helpful as I have.

Today, I’m sharing five websites that have helped shaped my beliefs about taking care of my mind and body.  The authors of these sites and their guests have helped me understand how to chose good foods to put into my body. They also remind me that when it comes to my body, no one knows it like I do.  Note: Not paid links.

The Truth About Cancer – Hear the experience of others who have suffered through this deadly disease. What causes cancer?  Are we doomed to it’s effects?  Is there a cure?  Bit by bit you will uncover truths you never knew about this disease that has destroyed too many lives.  You may also want to check out Chris Beats Cancer as well.

The Gabriel Method – Jon Gabriel, the author of the website has used his story of how he shed over 200 lbs mostly by using visualization to build a portfolio of helpful techniques that can guide you through your most difficult weight loss challenges.  How long has it been since you’ve been trying to lose those extra pounds. Why not see if Jon can help?

Food Matters TV – Through this website I was able to connect with the most amazing doctor, Dr. Dana Cohan, an MD who is also a Naturapathic doctor.  I’m a big fan of FM.TV, their paid subscription service – think Netflix for healthy living.  James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, the husband and wife team who are behind the movie Food Matters and Hungry for Change have stocked their websites with a wealth of invaluable information you can turn to again and again as you build knowledge and experience you can parlay into living a healthy lifestyle.

Check them out and let me know what you think. You can start with their 10 day free trial.  I think you’ll be hooked! – Whether I’m looking for high peat organic soil or in-depth information on high intensity exercise (HITT), Dr. Mercola’s website is a wealth of verifiable health information that has, along with other resources, have steered me towards a more healthy way of eating. Dr. Mercola probably deserves some credit for my recent very high HDL results.  I find the information he doles out freely on his website to be very useful and sensible.

Longevity Warehouse – As organizer of one of the largest health conferences for women and well known raw food guru, David Wolfe has had an enormous impact on the way I think about food.  Although he didn’t coin the phrase, I learned “make food thy medicine and medicine they food” from him.  His favorite mantra I think is “you are what you eat”. So if you are starving for tried and true techniques on how to develop a healthy way of living, check out his website. This particular site is more for selling products such as raw cacao and high ORAC scoring coffee. But you will also find videos of recipes and of his conferences.

I’m very pleased to have become acquainted with the above websites. There are several more that I could list here but I think you will find a wealth of information as I have by visiting the above ones. Thanks for reading and sharing.

Have a great weekend! JRF





A daughter’s wisdom

2014-07-22 14.20.43I was watching a DVD of Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdon on the other day. Actually, I really do watch it almost every week. She is so insightful and very funny.  Anyway, in listening to her, even at age 50+, I felt I was listening to a mother speaking lovingly to her daughter.  I realize that I never had a woman sit me down and tell me anything about how to be a woman, let alone how to be a wife and mother. There were no “birds and bees” talks and no preparation for even simple life events such as my monthly cycle. I can’t even remember anyone giving me even a tiny anecdote about life as a woman. I therefore stumbled through life as a teenager and bumbled my way through three marriages.  Not that there are any guarantees even with wise, motherly grooming.

Dr. Northrup also mentioned a personality by the name of Mama Gena and I decided to look her up and see what she was about.  In reviewing Mama Gena’s website and reading her book Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, I was “violently” struck by how clueless I had been, growing up as a young woman without female adult leadership.  I do not agree with all her points in the book but some parts lead me to wonder what my life would have been like if my mother had taught me how to deal men and their “MARS-tian” behaviors.  Would I have gone through three marriages and divorces if I was clued into any of life’s little secrets some mothers share with their daughters? Would some gentle hand holding when I was heart broken over some young prince, help me to deal maturely with my future relationships? Who knows for sure?

What I do know is that by listening to Dr. Northrup (I also read her book “The Wisdom of Menopause”) I’m keenly aware for the first time,  what missing the experience of having a mother fully engaged in my life really means.  For instance:

  • there have been brief moments that I felt pangs of envy when I see a mother and her daughter shopping or discussing their upcoming vacation together.
  • I have been mildly jealous of a daughter gushing about how much she was looking forward to having a gab session with her mother.
  • And, there have been too many times when I wistfully admire a mother/daughter team participating in an event — even if they were just shopping for a home on House Hunters.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), I do not have a daughter.  There is no one to bond with in that special and unique relationship.  I’m not sure however, if I would have anything to offer her, especially in the area of communicating with men.  I certainly would not want her stumbling in my bloody footsteps — footsteps bloodied with the effects of too many mistakes.

Overall, despite having to figure out life for myself, I did not turn out too badly. Miraculously, I managed to turn on the inherent, motherly charm, hawk-like protection, and love for my sons with no thought of what I did or didn’t have. As a matter of fact, maybe I do go overboard sometimes just to make sure they aren’t “missing out” on life.  Fact is since I recognize that a mother can never take the place of a father, despite her best efforts, I seek to find positive, male role models for them.

So maybe in hindsight, life turns out for me exactly the way it should have. Truly I have no regrets or disillusions about what life should or shouldn’t  be. Through forgiveness and self love, I have learned to own my life and to take responsibility for my own actions, regardless of how well prepared I was for this game called life.

Super Juicing Me: Standing up to a Challenge

wpid-wp-1401535464783.jpegOn Monday, June 2, I will begin my participation in two challenges; Writing 101 by WordPress and SuperJuiceMe 28 day detox program.  Yes, I will be consuming nothing but good, organic nutrients from June 2-29!

Ok. I must admit I love a challenge.  And though I get bored easily, the juicing challenge is right up my ally.  I have been juicing for about 10 years and I seldom leave the house without a homemade smoothie containing fresh fruits, vegetables and super foods such as avocado and cacao.

Why a 28 day detox?  I’m tired. Tired of ingesting large quantities of chemical medications while still not feeling, let alone getting better.  Blood pressure medication is expensive. The kidney damage from long term use is much more expensive in both money and quality of life.  A recent post I wrote relayed my frustration with the continuous roller coaster ride I am on while enduring the effects of high blood pressure on my well being.  What about protein you ask? First, I haven’t eaten any meat since February. And even though I sometime eat eggs and drink lots of milk, I get an abundance of protein from daily intake of spirulina, chlorella, and avocado.  Spirulina alone has gram for gram more protein than beef, fish, chicken or soybean. There will be lots of nuts and seeds on this program as well. For example, a cup of almond, which I will be getting plenty of, contain approximately 20g of protein.  So protein. Check!

Now to the movie SuperJuiceMe: One Disease. One Solution.  I watched this movie/documentary as part of my quest to learn even more about healthy eating and how to recharge my cells with nutrients instead of killing them with dead food and chemicals. I have also been watching and re-watching, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Vegucated (both on Netflix).  I must say that after watching Vegucated, I definitely don’t see myself ever eating meat again.  If you choose to watch it, you will see why.  I have also watched Food Matters and Hungry For Change again.  So, I’m preparing myself mentally and educating myself as to what I am getting into.

If time permits, I will give weekly update on my progress whether on a static page or via updated posts. This will be an even more difficult challenge for me because I am also scheduled to participate in the JPMorgan Challenge (June 4) and the American Heart Association Heart Walk (June 18).  I do these annually but I did not want to do the detox over the summer and I didn’t want to leave it until Fall.

My plan was to have a complete physical yesterday but my doctor changed my appointment time.  I would have liked to get all my vitals plus blood work from him before embarking on this process but will have to wait until next Friday. Still I will have a medical professional take my blood pressure.  I will also weigh and measure myself tomorrow.

I spent today purchasing fruits and veggies from the Farmers Market and Whole Foods, to ensure I will be ready on Monday morning.  I purchased and downloaded the SuperJuiceMe app on my Android phone. The app includes a shopping list and videos on how to make each drink.  It also includes “coaching” videos for use throughout the plan.

By the way SuperJuiceMethe movie is free this weekend so check it out. Even if you are a skeptic.  I also hope you will come back to check on my progress as well as to read my Writing 101 posts.

6 Books That Have Influenced My Life

2014-03-31 23.22.15I started reading while I was very young.  In fact, my grandfather who raised me by himself started reading the Bible to me from ever since I can remember.  Growing up as an only child in the home, I often became lost in the adventures of Alice in Wonderland or a mysterious plot from a Nancy Drew book.  I trembled with excitement at the opportunity to acquire a new read and I must have been the only nine year old who was excited to go to the library.  Despite rules to the contrary, the librarian would allow me to borrow as many books as I could carry.  I loved and read all types of books but I abhorred romance — not sure why. I should look into that.

Below is a list of six books that have positively influenced my life during my time alone as a child, on lonely times while growing up in England, and during some tumultuous years while raising my two younger boys.

The Holy Bible: This book, has had a major impact on my life from a very early age.  I went to Sunday school with my grandfather, attended Pre-K at my church and recited many verses from the book of Psalms at church events.  Though the words within didn’t mean much to me back then, it all came flooding back during my teenage years when I felt the calling of the Lord.  These same words — some of the ones I recited — “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful,…” Psalm 1:1. (King James Version) — among others, that pulled me towards a relationship with Christ.  The Bible is not a simple book like some would want to believe. It takes the whisper of the Holy Spirit to bring understanding of the words contained in its pages to your soul.

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson:  Who Moved My Cheese tells the story of two mice; Sniff and Scurry and two humans; Hem and Haw who all lived in a maze.  This book, in very simple terms lays out the landscape of the lives of humans and the choices we make even when faced with the truth. The contrast between the mice and the humans is quite striking and reminds me that we are not entitled to anything but we have the opportunity to experience all life has to offer if we only have the courage to adapt to the inevitable changes that life brings instead of burying out head in the sand or somewhere else or complain about what is not going right.  Life is complicated simply because no one person controls everything so we must be prepared for and adapt to changes.  This little book is a must read for everyone but especially for those dealing with changes, especially if those changes give the appearance that your life is spinning out of control.

The Stiletto Network by Pamela Ryckman: Forget everything you have heard about professional women not liking each other and not supporting each other in their careers. This book dispels all those myths. Stiletto Network  gives a first hand account of  how wealthy, successful women are generously reaching back and forming personal and professional networks to help others.  However, these women do not just throw their treasures around and they most certainly do not “throw their pearls before swines”.  Ryckman has taken the time to delve into these earth-moving relationships which encompass every area of the lives of those involved.  Whether bonding over a dinner party or during an island getaway, stiletto networks  have bypass the proverbial glass ceiling and are helping to create hundreds of successful women worldwide.

Spirit Rising: Tapping into the Power of the Holy Spirit by Pastor Jim Cymbala. If you have a deep interest in the things of God and if you are often confused about how God operates via the Holy Spirit, this just might be the book for you.  How do I know that God is real?  When someone say that God spoke to them, what does that really mean? Pastor Cymbala passionately retells the story of several congregants, past and present whom have had a life changing experience with Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit.  This book will send the skeptics scrambling back to the book of Acts.

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey. Budgeting, living within your means, and getting out of debt is the theme of this book. Dave outlines seven “Baby Steps” to becoming not only debt free but wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.  It is not a get rich quick scheme.  In fact, the process can be lengthy and painful.  Imagine your debt was an extra 300 pounds of fat that you are trying to lose.  Then you understand the commitment needed to follow the steps in this book to unburden yourself from the slavery of debt.  I have not followed his plan to a tee but overall this is smart advice that I find very helpful in handling my finances.  One of the points Dave makes that really resonate with me is “when you live like no one else” (sacrifice to become debt free), “you can live like no on else” (no debt, pay cash for even large purchases, retire wealthy).

Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential by Joel Osteen.  While I was going through a really tough divorce, scared, and at my wits end, this book gave me hope. The 90 day devotional companion kept me focused on daily devotion with God.  At the time, I also set a weight loss goal that accompanied this spiritual journey and it was pure magic. But not really. I was focused and driven and the book helped me not to get side tracked. Your Best Life Now gave me the opportunity to live in the moment and not get distracted by the earth shattering circumstances I was experiencing at the time.

There are many other books that I have read and continue to read that have influenced my thoughts and in some cases my behavior.  However, theses 6 books have had the most powerful influence on me.