We Need To Argue More

While growing up, I remember listening to the young men around me argue. There was always a bone of contention. There were loud chatter, people foraging around for text to prove their point, and even louder snickering when someone’s point was received with skepticism. I always learned from these interactions. I found them enjoyable as well.

No. These were not ignorant men angrily fighting over their point of view. They were intelligent high school students arguing their philosophical worldview — under the mango tree, in their living rooms, and yards. I now know that arguments were how these young men “used” each other to learn and grow. To sharpen or change belief that no longer supported the argument they put forth. Because yes: Iron sharpeneth iron. So a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend (Psalm 27:17, ASV).

I miss those days. There was no cursing or gossiping. No threats or fistfights. Just young men seeking and trying to outsmart each other.

Today when we posit an opinion or belief, even people we don’t know choose to submit poisonous retort. Strangers, rather than choosing respectful ways to disagree, find it necessary to attack and belittle.

Indeed. Where have all the arguments gone.


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