ListeningListening. It’s a rare gift indeed.

From the customer service rep on the phone to the clerk behind the counter. Everyone wants to give their opinion.

Yet no one cares to listen to yours.

Are you a good listener?

Are you?

Well let’s see.

Through the hustle of life — raising children solo — we live in a noisy world. Everything and everyone demands our attention.

Yet, we are unable to take the time to listen.

Can’t you hear.    In all that noise.    A still small voice.


If you have toyed with an idea for years. Whether it’s writing a book or starting a business. Whether it’s creating a product or going back to school.

You have heard the still small voice.

But again. The noise.

We can’t. Or we won’t. Or we don’t want to listen.

It’s too hard. What! Am I nuts? I can’t do that.

Yet that still small voice. Beckoning. Urging. Imploring.

And you hesitate. You take pause. Because your soul ache for something different.

Something new.


You can’t avoid the fear. That nauseating bulge in the spit of your stomach.

That nagging doubt. That critical sound.

But you want it so badly.

All these years of toiling in someone else’s vineyard is taking it’s toll.

Yet. You hesitate.

It’s too hard. I don’t have time. It cost too much.

But how much does it cost. To delay. To wander aimlessly through life.


Void of purpose.

How long will you continue to ignore. That still small voice.


It's time

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