SuperJuiceMe Update: Day 14

2014-06-14 13.59.08
Today, day 14 of my SuperJuiceMe program, started with an electrolyte sodium shot (1 stalk of celery juiced with 1/2 a cucumber) followed by a three mile power walk.  I must say this has been a lot easier than I thought and I’m thinking about extending this experience beyond the 28 days.  Of course since I’m primarily doing this to lower my blood pressure, if my readings are getting lower and are low enough when I return to my doctor on day 29, I may follow another juicing regimen.  Maybe juice a couple of days per week instead.  We will see.

I have not weighed myself again and won’t do so until day 28.  I’m getting a lot of compliments on how good I look.  I have an abundance of energy so I have been exercising more and more.

The juices are very delicious and refreshing.  Sometimes I want to stick my finger into my glass, scoop out the residue and lick it.  Gross I know but I used to lick the bowl after mixing up a cake batter.  I know some of you know what I’m talking about. That is the same feeling I get after drinking a green juice which is then blended with avocado. Amazing!

A couple of “did you knows?”:

2014-06-14 19.32.37Did you know that the harder the fruit/vegetable, the more juice you can extract?

2014-06-14 19.32.37Did you know that you can juice cauliflower and asparagus?

2014-06-14 19.32.37

Did you know that if you sandwich green leafy vegetables, such as spinach between hard fruit such as an apple, you can maximize the juice yield?

So this was just a short update on my progress.  All being well, I will provide another update in seven days.  Why don’t you join me and get SuperJuiced!

2014-06-11 07.03.10



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