If Wishes Were Horses and all Things Organic

organic (grass fed) yogurt, coconut chia cereal and mixed berries (strawberries, blackberries and raspberries)

So today, Nablopomo challenges us to “Tell us how you wish you ate if it’s different from your day-to-day reality.” Wow! Big one. I certainly wish I ate less processed foods like those awesome blueberry scones from Starbucks. They sure are yummy though. I also wished I ate less Trader Joe’s chocolate mint chip ice cream and way less bread.  But if you ever had a piece of hot Jamaican hard dough bread with butter, you would surely empathize.   I have been successful in cutting out meat from my diet without even a hint of craving it. However, I can’t seem to ditch ice cream or pastry.  And some would say that I don’t need to ditch ice cream but you have no idea. I can eat a pint in one sitting.  Yes, I admit it.

2013-12-29 11.38.44-2
Carrot, celery, beet, apple and ginger juice

On the other hand, I would be happier if I could just bring my own food to work everyday.  Yes, I do bring food sometimes. Smoothies or green juice, boiled eggs and perhaps the occasional spinach omelette.  But I would like to do this more consistently.  For me, this is because:

1- My homemade yogurt parfait taste way better and is far healthier than the stuff I buy on the street.  I also make a mean (I think) roasted butternut squash and coconut cream soup.

2- If I did this every day, I could avoid the saturated fats that restaurants use to prepare their meal.  Not to mention the abundance of sugar and sodium.  And tell me why, oh why do restaurants add bacon to everything?  I don’t get that.

But I digress.

3- I would absolutely know what is going into what I eat.

My day to day reality is full of inconsistencies.  Some days I eat like a bird — picking at this and that.  Other days, I eat whatever I feel like.  Still on other days I carefully select healthy fare for each meal and practice perfect portion control.  I must add that this inconsistent behavior with food is kind of typical of a lot of other things in my life.  Not a good observation but the truth nonetheless.  Mmm! How did I get here?

2014-03-17 12.24.02
Roasted butternut squash coconut cream soup

So basically, I wish I ate the foods I think about eating – fresh fruits and vegetables; herbs and spices; and nutrient rich, natural supplements — all the time.  I wish I wasn’t always throwing expensive, organic provisions away because I don’t make the time to prepare them.  Finally, I wish I fully utilized the measuring spoons and cups, food scale, and all the other useful kitchen tools I’m always purchasing, hoping to do better.

This topic has really given me something to think about.

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