Eat? Do I Really Eat?

I’m excited to join NaBloPoMo again. The theme for May is Nourish and the first post is “Tell us how you eat: do you sit down to three meals, eat several small meals, or grab a granola bar on the run?”

I have no real eating pattern or maybe I do.  I’m sad to say that my meals are mostly eaten at my desk at work, usually reading BlogHer. I kid you not!  During the warmer months though, lunch might be eaten on a bench by the pier.  Also, I usually make a smoothie or vegetable juice in the morning before I leave home.  The smoothie or juice may be my breakfast and is consumed while I dress for work.  If I’m in a real hurry, I will take it with me and drink it, you guessed it, at my desk.

My evening meals are eaten alone while sitting on the sofa catching up on an episode of XIII or Castle.

To sum it up: I generally eat three to four main meals per day, the first or second two at my desk at work and the last one sitting on my sofa watching Netflix or Hulu.


4 thoughts on “Eat? Do I Really Eat?

  1. Smoothies or veg juice = good! But what do you eat for dinner? And do you snack? You didn’t say but from personal experience, eating healthy can be a bit challenging. Do you agree?


    1. I don’t really eat dinner. I may have fruit or toast but nothing much. I also do not snack much. Lunch is usually a two course meal with dessert. Eating healthy is a very big challenge, I agree.


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