Dreams. Do they mean anything?

2014-02-23 11.34.32I dreamed one night that I saw a very beautiful bird in a cage.  It was a very strange dream in a very strange place.  I had no idea what it meant until my cousin called me to tell me that his niece was arrested for stabbing her mother’s boyfriend. Apparently the bastard was beating her mother.  Was the dream just a dream or was it showing me what had happened to a distance relative? Did I see my cousin’s niece in prison before I knew it actually happened? Who knows. I certainly don’t.

Approximately thirty years ago, I was pregnant with my first child.  Up to this point, the pregnancy had been normal.  I had almost doubled in size by the end of my first trimester but my doctor didn’t seem concerned.  My husband and I were very happy.  We were young, newly married and had moved to Canada right after we were married.  Life was good as we began to put down roots in a brand new country.

I had several dreams over the course of my pregnancy.  Each time I was in a familiar location.  My childhood home in Jamaica.  In each dream, I would take my baby and hand him/her over to my grandfather (whom at the time of my pregnancy was dead) and I would then walk away. Never to return for the baby.  I had the same dream in different locations over the course of several weeks.  Although I thought it weird that I was dreaming in series, I thought nothing of it because at that time I believed dreams to be well, just that. Dreams.

Then one Sunday afternoon after church, I was having dinner at a friend’s house.  There was also another friend from my church present.  While eating dinner I began to tell them about the dreams I was having and how they had been weighing on my mind.  The friend who was also visiting told me that I should be careful because she thought that God was trying to tell me something.  Of course, being young and at the top of my game, I laughed it off and told her I didn’t believe in dreams and the ones I had meant nothing.  My pride would be short-lived, however.

Just a week later, the following Sunday, I was showering for church and noticed that I was bleeding. I called my doctor who told me to go to the hospital immediately.  I went to Guelph General Hospital where I started hemorrhaging.  I was also in labor.  I was given several blood transfusions to replenish the continuous flow of blood I was losing. I was also given medication to stop labor.  This was a very frightening time and I had no idea what was happening to me or my baby.  Life had taken a very sudden turn for the worse at that point.  I could feel the baby struggling for life inside of me.  About a week later the struggle ceased.  To add to the trauma, I discovered that my OB/GYN had taken off on his vacation to Africa. He didn’t even have the courtesy to tell us he was leaving. I have had suspicion of malpractice since then but that is quite another story. Needless to say I never saw him again.

At twenty-two weeks, my new baby, Andre was born.  Dead.  Even though we did not know the sex beforehand, we had decided if it was a boy his name would be Andre.  He was stillborn and although perfectly formed, was too young to survive outside the womb.  My husband and I were devastated. I don’t remember if I tied the dreams to my experience but I can’t but wonder if I was being warned that this was coming and to be prepared for it.

Speaking of warnings. Before my car was violently broken into and my purse with almost $800, among other things were stolen, I had had several dreams over a period of several months involving my purse/wallet being stolen. (See the story in Ladies, do you know what’s in your purse?).  This was also a featured post on BlogHer.

These dreams about my missing purse took place in several different locations.  And in a variety of circumstances – going to the store, hanging out, etc.  But in each dream, I had lost my purse and/or wallet.  I had either left it somewhere and couldn’t find it or couldn’t remember where I had left it.  Sometimes the “scene” where I had left my purse had disappeared so it was nowhere to be found.  Other times I would find my wallet and it would be empty. No credit or debit card. No cash. And no driver’s license.  Everything would be gone.  Sometimes I would try to call the bank in a particular dream to report my card stolen but my phone would not work.  Each dream would seem so real.  Even when I woke up I couldn’t shake the feeling that it had happened in real life.

I have had a lot more dreams, some of which I have written down.  Some of my dreams have been so vivid that I have been able to draw pictures of what actually happened in them.  I still continue to dream in series and I have seen things happen which pull me back to the memory of those dreams. What do you think? Are dreams a warning of something that could happen in the future? If not, were my experiences just a coincidence?  Please, share your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Dreams. Do they mean anything?

  1. This was a very thought-provoking post. I am not sure if our dreams are warnings from God, but it certainly seems from whatyou have written that yours have been. I have started to record my dreams when I get up, especially those that involve my mum who died in 2009. Those are the ones that seem most real and intense, and I make sure to write as many details down as remembered because I am sure she is trying to tell me something; I just don’t know what. In a nutshell, with God there are no coincidents … keep dreaming 🙂


    1. Thank you @galeweithers. I have been perplexed about my dreams for a long time. I too don’t believe there are any coincidences with God. I do believe though that he guides and protects His own. I hope you find peace through your dreams and the answers are forthcoming to you. Take care.


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  3. Lori Ono

    I’m really sorry for your loss. Heart broke reading about it. I hope things worked out for your cousin’s niece.
    Dreaming is a funny thing. Sometimes the warning dreams can be a comfort or a torture.
    My strangest dream was that I turned into a killer whale. It was not a happy transformation but strangely hypnotic and quite scary actually. I have no idea what that dream was supposed to be. Not a forecasting dream, I think.


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