Like Falling Into a Hole

galaxy 554I was talking to my son while we were driving to church today.  I mentioned how difficult it is now to get parking. There is so much construction on the streets near the church.  The parking lot I used for years was suddenly torn down without any warning.  I parked there the week before.  There were no signs, no evidence that that would be my last time.  I was annoyed but more disappointed.  It was a very convenient parking lot.  You got your ticket went through the gate, left your car with the keys in it along with half of the ticket on the dashboard. After church, I would hand over my ticket and pay my fee to the attendant. He would then fetch my car for me and I would be on my way.  But now the lot was gone. Boarded up with signs to “keep out” and “no entry”.  It was just like walking into a hole that wasn’t there before.  My son enthusiastically agreed.

There is another experience I had like that. It was April 1998 and my youngsters were two and four respectively. I came home from a long day at work only to find almost everything of value gone.  Television gone, the kids change jar gone, everything, gone.  Then I soon discovered my husband was also gone. No, he was not kidnapped. He had up and abandoned his young family just like that.  I felt as if I was punched in the gut. Like I had stepped into a hole that wasn’t there before.

Fast forward eight years.  I had remarried and was very afraid for my life.  I took my kids and spent the night at a hotel.  My then husband was drinking and making threats. There was a bullet on the dresser and a gun on the bed. I was not going to subject those two precious boys to such evil anymore, at least not that night. He had already beaten up my teenage son because he had defended me.  But when I came back the next morning the locks to our home had been changed.  Another punch in the gut but this time my children and I were suddenly homeless.  I had again, stepped into a hole that was not there before.

I wonder how many people have, in hindsight realized that they have on occasion had one or more experience that made them feel that they  had stepped into a hole that was never there before?  Tell me.

3 thoughts on “Like Falling Into a Hole

  1. Reblogged this on Living Life Day by Day and commented:
    You think you have it hard. It feels like God may have forgotten you on your road of rocks and rubble. And then you read a post like this and realise you are still walking above ground … which is better than falling into a deep dark black hole.
    Take a moment to pause, to breathe and to thank God for whatever life you have right now (because someone out there has it much worse than you do).
    Have a great week!


  2. This post touched me so much that I reblogged it. I have fallen into holes too (being a survivor of divorce, down-sizing and death of a loved one) but none as deep or dark as the ones you describe. I thank God for your words and your life. I thank Him for preserving you and your children, and for bringing you safely out on the other side. May He continue to guide you and guard you, even as you share your testimony with others to His glory. Thanks for sharing so honestly and have a great week! You rock!


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