Five Interesting Things About Myself

This post is inspired by NaBloPoMo for the month of March on BlogHer.  Here are five interesting things about myself:galaxy 419

  1. As far back as I can remember, I have kept a journal.  I may have been as young as eight years old when I began my first journal in a composition notebook.  My journal was mostly pictorial as I remember drawing stick men to depict my thoughts.  I also remember drawing flowers and coloring them with crayons.  I lost my first journal when I moved to England to live with my mom.
  2. I have written over fifty poems, one of which was published by World of Poetry. I must admit I am not sure where most of them are but I continue to write poems usually on the spur of the moment.  I will usually “write” the entire poem in my head before I actually write it down on paper.  I also seldom wish to edit my poems, fearing it may lose its original meaning.  This is probably the reason why I have not attempted to publish anymore.
  3. I love taking photographs, mostly of scenery that include buildings, structures and public art.  I use my walks in the park, across the Brooklyn Bridge and just walking down the galaxy 377street to take photos of scenery.  I’m not an expert by any means but that does not stop me from snapping my smart phone every chance I get.  Last weekend alone, I took over 153 photos.  I also never miss an opportunity to take a photo of animals or bgalaxy 500irds.

4.  I attend the Brooklyn Tabernacle church in downtown Brooklyn, NY.  I discovered this church in December 2009.  I was fairly new to New York and wanted a friendly place to worship. I had been a member of several churches in England, Canada and Atlanta but no other place felt like home.  Although Brooklyn Tabernacle has a large congregation, I do not feel lost or unseen.  Its members are very friendly and extremely tolerant.   More importantly though, is the warmth from the presence of the Holy Spirit you feel when you walk into the building.

5.   My single grandfather raised me by himself, from the time I was nine months old.   He did so despite the many difficulties he faced.  Because of his decision to raise me his wife left him. He never remarried.  My grandfather read the Bible to me daily.  I believe I got my love of reading and writing from him.galaxy 604

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