Happy Friday!


We hear this greeting constantly throughout the day on Fridays.  Employees seem to relish Fridays.  There are those who count down the days and they get happier as each day passes.  

While it is understandable to look with anticipation towards the weekend for reasons such as spending time with loved ones, getting some much needed rest, a day at the beach or catch up on chores, if our only “happy day” is Friday, then we are missing out on six days of happiness which is ours for the taking.  that is a whopping 313 days out of the year that we are not happy!

So here are a few thoughts I have on making every day a happy day:

1 – Spring clean your work area.  When I’m feeling a bit under the weather at home, I clean and rearrange my room.  For some reason, this simple exercise gives me a sense of accomplishment, small as it is.  I do the same at work. from time to time – a clean desk just seem to rejuvenate me.

2 – Help out a coworker with a special project. By focusing on someone else’s tasks, you may be distracted from a boring job.   Also, there is joy in giving and in this case you would not just be giving to your coworker, you would most likely be giving to yourself.

3 – Volunteer to head up your own project in yours or another department. Again, there is some pride that comes with owning a project.  It is even more fulfilling when the project improves the work/life of your coworkers.  It may even be more rewarding if your boss benefits from your involvement in that project.

4 – Join an employee network.  Most if not all large companies encourage employee networks for social, academic and career enhancement.  Seek out the ones made available in your company or join the network of another organization or through a friend that works for one of these firms.. 

5 – Join a community or professional association/group.  Through my bank, I was able to join a women’s network that has a very active group on LinkedIn.  Many groups can also be found on www.Meetup.com

6 – Take some classes.   There are many ways to learn something new whether you go online to such free resources such as Coursea or you attend classes in your area.  Learn a new skill, enhance current skills or take up the piano, for example.

7 – Take periodic time off to recharge.  Even if you take a good vacation each year, you probably could benefit from more frequent long weekends, even if you are just using Public Holidays.  I find that when I get cranky at work, for example waking up without the alarm or taking Friday and Monday off for an extra long weekend, usually enhance my back-to-work mood.

8 – Be thankful.  It is said that when we focus on our blessings we are less focused on what makes us unhappy.

9 – Have a plan B.  If you are really not happy with your job, you may consider starting a side venture – something that may someday replace your income.

10 – Start a blog.  What is your interest? Do you have a skill or expertise you want to share with others..  What are you waiting for?

11 – Try to live in the moment.  Take note of what you are doing right now. Whether you are filing, parking vehicles are handling money for your clients, try to be mindful of the task at hand and remember you are serving a purpose – being a good Christian, saving for your child’s college or keeping a roof over your head.

So happy Friday.  Let’s think of something we can do to make Fridays more interesting and enjoyable. 

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