What’s in your bucket?

I was watching an episode of Bones on Hulu the other night.  It was about a guy who was dying of cancer and made a bucket list.  I began to think that I should do a bucket list.  According to Merriam-Webster, the words bucket list originated from the term “kick the bucket” or dying. 

Although a list of this type would be created by someone who is diagnosed as terminally ill, why would I wait for bad news to work on a life plan?

If I did make a bucket list, it would read something like this:

1)  Career: finish my Accounting degree; pass the CPA exam; obtain an MBA and a PhD before 60.  Hey, I have a big bucket!

2) Travel:  take a 2 week vacation in Fiji ; purchase a vacation home in Curacao.

3) Community Service: open a Caribbean history museum; start and run a community service talk radio.

4) Personal Enrichment:  write an autobiography; catalog all my kids photos/drawings; Play Handel’s Messiah on the piano.

4)  Miscellaneous: add more to my list, God willing.

Although the above may be more comprehensive than your typical bucket list, I didn’t see the point of making it simple at this point in my life.  If God forbid, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I wouldn’t  see any reason to discontinue working on my list until the end. Obviously, some things on the list may become more important than others at that point.

Do you have a bucket list? Why not?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comment.

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